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Are you looking for a perfect lawn that doesn’t need mowing – ever? For the best quality synthetic grass with the best service you need to talk to GrassPro.

“Synthetic” is now the buzz-word in landscaping grass scenes world-wide and New Zealand has jumped on the bandwagon.  The realistic look and feel of good quality synthetic grass makes it a very attractive option for residential gardens, eliminating the need for costly weekly maintenance such as mowing and fertilizing.

While there are companies specialising in synthetic sports field applications, GrassPro specialises in landscaping installations be it a residential backyard, an early childhood playcentre, or small commercial beautification project.

Our range of landscaping grasses are made by some of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic grass: certified manufacturers for the world’s major sporting bodies – FIFA, IRB, FIH, ITF.

If you are interested in going down the low maintenance synthetic route as an option for your landscaping requirements, look no further than GrassPro. Our GrassPro specialists are fully trained in site preparation and installation. Request a no-obligation free quote from our contacts page or by calling us on freephone 0508 422 532.

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